Ideas & Inspiration

Pop-up Art Show

Glass House, Chihuly Garden and Glass, Seattle Center. Sept. 2018

  • Display art anywhere inside of your event space
  • Components used: single and double-facing art walls, pedestals, and lighting fixtures
  • Perfect for displaying a collection of art during a gala or party

Silent Art Auction

[pic coming soon]

  • Gallery quality substrate custom-designed for your event space, with no need to venue in a gallery
  • Our clients include major institutions of arts & culture: Artist Trust, Pratt, Cornish, Gage
  • Surround your guests with art in a large 'U' configuration
  • Or, create a labyrinth of art using auxiliary wall configurations to best use your floorspace

Accent mural wall/partition

“Behind the Screen” group exhibition at Kindl Center for Contemporary Art.
Photo: Otto Felber [for inspirational purposes only - not an AES project]
  • Partition your floor space while creating Instagram-worthy visual pop at your event
  • Create a focal point for photo op's
  • Design your own theme background for snapping photographs or backdrop for DJ booth

Installation view of "Radical Love" at the Ford Foundation Gallery. 
Photo: Sebastian Bach. [for inspirational purposes only - not an AES project]

for your...

Annual Benefit Gala
Student Art Show
Employee Art Show
Display of a permanent collection