About Us

About Us

Art Exhibition Services provides rental and installation of art walls, pedestals, and lighting and is currently the only service of this kind in Seattle. Additionally, we design exhibits and provide consultations. 

We are museum preparators who lend our services to the production of all kinds of exhibitions. We custom fabricate walls, pedestals and other components for special art installations, such as a film screening hut within a larger exhibition. 

The solution we provide our customer is taking care of producing the art display aspect of their project or event. Over the past decade, we have become the trusted experts of many large institutions in Seattle.
Claire working in the shop

We are a family business

In 2009, Claire Johnson started Art Exhibition Services with some help from her god-daughter, Lizeta Walker. Claire helped raised Lizeta, and they are both artists.
Claire and Lizeta

Over the years, our crew has also become part of the AES family. We hire skilled production professionals from a network of people who are all artists, who work throughout the greater Seattle area at the top art institutions: Bellevue Arts Museum, Frye Art Museum, Tacoma Art Museum, just to name a few.

Our origin story

AES started in a cavernous, dusty warehouse tucked away near the Port of Tacoma, as Claire and Lizeta took stock of a defunct production company's art walls. Over the course of a week, they plied the walls from huge piles. They peeled and scraped the vinyl lettering from the face of the walls, left over from festivals past. They patched their holes, and gave them a fresh coat of paint. Gathering this founding collection of walls together with some freshly-built pedestals, they loaded them up and headed for Seattle, where they configured the gleaming white walls into an art gallery at Seattle Center. 

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